Gold ETF - Diversify Your Portfolio with Gold

Gold mutual funds and gold company ETFs are a good way to diversify your portfolio, but one of the disadvantages is that the price of the gold companies don’t always track exactly with the price of gold. But if you want an investment that will do that, but don’t want to hold gold itself, there is an alternative. Here’s a look a the gold ETF.

Commodity Mutual Funds - Tips for Investing in Commodity Funds

Commodities are a popular tool to diversify your portfolio. Historically, however, you had to trade futures in order to add commodities to your investments. But, with commodity mutual funds this asset class has become available to many average investors. Here’s some things you need to know before investing in commodity funds.

The Best Bond Funds - Tips for Finding the Best Bond Fund

Bonds are usually the first asset investors add to their portfolio to diversify their portfolio. But just adding a bond will not really diversify unless you choose the right bond fund. Here’s a look at some things to look for in a bond fund.

ETF’s - Properly Diversifying with ETFs

ETFs Unplugged

By Carl Delfeld

Is your financial advisor missing a critical piece to the ETF?

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are great investment tools but most have a flaw that investors and advisors usually miss. Let’s take a look under the hood and introduce some new and innovative ETF products.

The Disadvantages of ETF’s - Key Factors to Watch in ETF’s

ETF Investments: Understanding “The Dark Side” of Exchange Traded Funds

by Dr. Mark Skousen

Until now, I’ve been a big fan of ETF investments (Exchange Traded Funds). After all, they offer choice, flexibility, low costs and tax efficiency, among other benefits. And they’re growing like wildfire…

Investing in ETF’s - Eight Rules for Successful ETF Investing

Investing in exchange traded funds is similar to investing in mutual funds, but there are a few differences. Here are some rules to invest by that will help you succeed in your investments.

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