Inflation Hedge - Strategies for Hedging Your Investments in High Inflation

With the easy monetary policies of the last few years, many investors are looking for an inflation hedge for their investments. Some of the traditional inflation hedges have fallen on hard times recently, so with that in mind here are some other strategies for hedging against high inflation.

Double ETF’s and Triple ETF’s - Watch the Time Value Decay

Double ETF’s and Triple ETF’s are attractive because of the increased return that you can get if you are in the right sector at the right time. But this added leverage comes at a cost. Here’s a look at how this added leverage will work in a variety of price movements.

Hedge Fund Techniques for the Small Investor

Hedge funds make use of a variety of strategies for reducing risk and increasing yields. Some of them are also used by mutual funds, and even others can be used by the average investor. Here’s a look at some strategies for the small investor.

What is a Hedge Fund - Understanding Hedge Funds

We see a lot of press on what goes on with hedge funds, and the different types of strategies used by hedge funds. Here’s an overview of what makes a hedge fund.

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