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Free Trading System Software

We’ve gone through the development of a price based mutual fund trading system. We’ve taken a look at the requirements for the data feeds for our mutual fund trading system. But what kind of trading system software can we use for this system? Is there some free trading system software we can use?

As we’ve seen, the complexity of the mutual fund trading system we have created could actually be handled reasonably well in a spreadsheet. The problem with and Excel based trading system is simply that unless you are a guru with macros, getting the data from a clean mutual fund quotes source into the spreadsheet is not for the faint of heart. But there are low cost alternatives.

Actually, our favorite free fund trading software is a program called simply Trade. Written by Ed Gilbert, it handles the data from Fasttrack without a hitch, you can find it on the Fasttrack web site. Trade uses its own proprietary language, but is incredibly easy to pick up for anyone who has programmed even in something simple like Basic. It’s a command line interface, but the advantage to that is that you can set up the Fasttrack program to launch itself every day, and then configure it to run a batch file that calls the Trade system software to run your trading systems after the data update, all without your intervention. It’s a great setup, and as trading system software goes, you can’t beat the price.

That’s it for our current series on the Fundztrader trading systems. Feel free to leave comments or questions in the box below.

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September 7, 2008

Garey Atkinson @ 9:12 pm

Is the Trade program still available? Will it work with Vista and the new FastTrack databases? Thank you for sharing your work for others to consider.

September 8, 2008

Fidelity Fund Trader @ 5:22 pm

Yes, as of today it’s still running (that’s what the system trades are showing every nite). I think it runs OK on Vista, I still run XP for these updates. But it was updated to work with the new Fasttrack database, and that was a few weeks back and it went off relatively smoothly.

You can still find it on the Fasttrack web site.

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