Fundztrader is Closing Down

Unfortunately the team behind Fundztrader has stepped down and will no longer continue publishing new information.

There will be no new ratings posted, effective immediately!

We will leave the website up so that visitors have some warning time, but it will be taken down permanently some time in the future. When that date is determined, we'll update this message.

What Are the Best ETF’s to Trade

What are the best ETFs to trade? We often get questions about the list of ETF’s we use, and why we “only use 50 Exchange Traded Funds” in our system. Aren’t we leaving money on the table, and shouldn’t we be trading all the available ETF’s in order to get the best possible returns from our system?

I’m tempted to note that historically bulls make money, bears make money, but pigs get slaughtered. But that doesn’t really address the issue.

We have a list of about 50 ETF’s that have a history of trending reasonably well (important if you are trying to use relative strength or trend following as the basis of your system), have decent liquidity (important since we have a number of folks trading these systems), and don’t have a large number concentrated in any one industry or country (important if you are looking to diversify your holdings.)

Now that’s not to say that we won’t change the composition of the list as the state of the ETF industry evolves over time. But do we think we will use them all? I ran across this article on the Efficient Frontier site that talks about the current crop of new ETF’s coming out this year. Makes for an interesting read about how frothy things are getting in the Exchange Traded Fund industry.

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