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Fidelity ETF - The Story with Fidelity and ETF’s

Fidelity does sponsor an ETF, but the most common way to trade ETFs at Fidelity is through the brokerage arm. Let’s take a look at the Fidelity ETF.

Many fund families have gotten into the business of creating/ sponsoring ETFs. It would seem like a natural move for them, and they did start the process back in 2003 with the Fidelity Nasdaq Composite Indes Tracking Stock (ONEQ is its trading symbol). This is a simple tracking stock, and it has no real distinctive reason for being.

It just seems that Fidelity had a change of heart about ETFs. This one was launched relatively early in the ETF game, and if they had been aggresive with following it with other offerings, including some that featured some type of active management, they could have had a big chunk of the pie.

But as it stands, ONEQ is the Fidelity ETF, and you can trade it with any brokerage house.

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