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Penny Stock Investment Newsletters and Advisors - Finding the Best

Investing in penny stocks is always a hot topic. The allure of penny stocks is the sense that you can get a large position without a lot of money, and a price swing of a few cents can result in a large percentage swing. Of course, we all expect that the swings will work out in our favor, so this makes it appear that it can be a quick road to riches.

However, one of the common traits of penny stocks is that by their very nature they aren’t required to make the financial disclosures that companies on the major stock exchanges would be. This opens the whole field up to people who might prey on the unsuspecting.

ETF Trading Strategies - A Look at Several ETF Trading Systems

One of the attractive features of ETF’s is that they can represent a relatively narrow sector of the market, but don’t generally have the volatility of individual stocks. This makes them ideal for some traditional investment approaches. Here is a look at a number of different etf trading strategies.

Asset allocation - The first is the classical asset allocation approach. This approach is championed by many investment advisors, especially those who embrace the efficient market hypothesis, which basically suggests that you can’t beat the markets, so the best you can do is buy and hold low cost funds, and reduce the overall risk of the portfolio by investing in assets that aren’t correlated and should not move in concert. In this case the key feature is that since you don’t think you can beat the market, all you want from a fund is the lowest cost way to purchase a portfolio of stocks in a given sector.

Sector Trading - There is a Bullish Sector Somewhere

Do you look at the mutual fund rankings that magazines publish every year? The performances can often be eyepopping. Have your ever seen a year that the best performing mutual funds had a loss?  Of course not, there’s always secgtor funds that have a good year, even in the bear market years. It might be energy sector or medical sector, or foreign country mutual funds that have a good year. 

Investing in Index Mutual Funds: Pitfalls of Buy and Hold

Are you overwhelmed by the options when it comes to buying (and selling) mutual funds? With over 10,000 funds out there, there are more funds than stocks listed on the stock exchanges. How do we sort through this morass to find a good selection of funds, and how do we know when it’s time to sell?

One popular choice that gets a lot of attention is investing in index funds. But even this simple solution can be confusing. Do you buy just one stock index fund and one bond index fund? If you buy more than one?

Penny Stocks - How to Invest in Penny Stocks

Penny stock get a lot of press, especially in rising markets. What is a penny stock, and how do you invest in penny stocks?

For US investors, a penny stock is typically thought of a common stock that is currently trading for under $5 a share, and is not on one of the major stock exchanges, but is traded over the counter ( aka OTC) and quotes are provided through the Pink Sheets or the OTC Bulletin Board. Typically, stocks listed OTC tend to have low market capitalization (basically the total value of the entire companies stock) and don’t have a lot of trading volume (are “thinly traded”). Even if there is a lot of share volume, since the price is so low there is not a lot of dollar volume. This in itself can lead to a lot of volatility in the stock price.

Gold Mutual Funds to Diversify Your Portfolio

In a previous article on gold mutual funds, we explored the impact that holding a postition in gold mutual funds could have on the volatility and risk of your overall portfolio. The impact was not as great as you would think given the standard advice to hold a metals position to diversify your portfolio.