Best ETFs Ranking

Here are a set of ETFs that are relatively diversified that have several years of trading and decent liquidity.

The ranking factor takes into account recent price changes (over approximately the last 2 months) but also factors in the recent volatility of the funds.

Our strategy that has historically worked well is to buy the top 2 funds, hold them for at least a mo, and trade again to the highest ranked funds. When the ETFs don’t rank as well as the money market funds we switch to cash.

We have been tracking this portfolio in real time since August 2009, but it uses almost exactly the same ranking algorithm as our Fidelity Select system, which has been real time since 2002.

Past performance not necessarily indicative of future performance. The stock market is inherently risky, and investors following these strategies or other timing strategies can lose money in the stock market. The information provided is gathered from sources believed to be reliable, but no representation is made as to the accuracy of any data presented.

The ranking score is NOT the recent price change, but is based on volatility as well.

The database date for this run is 04/30/10 

  ICF  EXTRADED Realty Major CohnStee     17.63
  IYR  EXTRADED Real Estate DJUS Inde     15.51
FDRXX  Fidelity Cash Reserves/55          15.00
FDRXX  Fidelity Cash Reserves/55          15.00
  XLY  EXTRADED Consumer Discre Selec     14.43
  XLI  EXTRADED Industrial Select Sec     13.47
  XLU  EXTRADED Utilities Select Sect     10.60
  IJS  EXTRADED SmallCap Val S&P 600       9.75
  IWN  EXTRADED Russell 2000 Value Ix      9.52
  IWS  EXTRADED Russell MidCap Value       7.38
  IGE  EXTRADED NAmer Natural Res S&P      6.79
  IGN  EXTRADED NAmerTech Mtmd Netw S      6.76
  EWY  EXTRADED MSCI South Korea Inde      6.34
  IJT  EXTRADED SmallCap Gr S&P 600 I      6.17
  EWD  EXTRADED MSCI Sweden Index Fun      5.48
  EWS  EXTRADED MSCI Singapore Index       5.35
  IJK  EXTRADED MidCap Growth S&P 400      4.46
  IYZ  EXTRADED Telecommunicat DJ US       3.98
  IYE  EXTRADED Energy DJ US Index Fu      3.75
  IWO  EXTRADED Russell 2000 Growth I      3.51
  XLE  EXTRADED Energy Select Sector(      3.06
  IBB  EXTRADED Biotechnology NASDAQ       2.97
  RKH  EXTRADED Banks Regional(HLDRS)      0.46
  EWC  EXTRADED MSCI Canada Index Fun      0.09
  EZA  EXTRADED MSCI South Africa Ind     -0.99
  SMH  EXTRADED Semiconductor(HLDRS)      -2.40
  ILF  EXTRADED Latin America S&P 40      -2.55
  EWT  EXTRADED MSCI Taiwan Index Fun     -2.97
 ADRE  EXTRADED Emerging Mkt 50 ADR I     -3.22
  EWZ  EXTRADED MSCI Brazil Index Fun     -4.03
  EWJ  EXTRADED MSCI Japan Index Fund     -4.06
  XLF  EXTRADED Financial Select Sect     -4.07
  XLK  EXTRADED Technology(SPDR)          -5.34
  XLB  EXTRADED Materials Selector Se     -5.69
  EWW  EXTRADED MSCI Mexico Invst Mkt     -6.65
  IGV  EXTRADED NAmerTech Softwre S&P     -7.20
  EWO  EXTRADED MSCI Austria Index Fu     -8.80
  EWG  EXTRADED MSCI Germany Index Fu    -11.13
  EWN  EXTRADED MSCI Netherlands Inv     -11.60
  BDH  EXTRADED Broadband(HLDRS)         -13.08
  EPP  EXTRADED MSCI Pacific x-Japan     -13.98
  EWA  EXTRADED MSCI Australia Index     -14.02
  EFA  EXTRADED MSCI EAFE Index Fund(    -16.91
  EWU  EXTRADED MSCI United Kingdom I    -17.35
  PPH  EXTRADED Pharmaceuticals(HLDRS    -17.55
  EZU  EXTRADED MSCI EMU Index Fund(i    -19.98
  IEV  EXTRADED Europe Plus S&P 350 I    -20.55
  EWK  EXTRADED MSCI Belgium Invest M    -20.94
  EWL  EXTRADED MSCI Switzerland Inde    -21.50
  EWP  EXTRADED MSCI Spain Index Fund    -22.00
  EWQ  EXTRADED MSCI France Index Fun    -23.24
  EWH  EXTRADED MSCI Hong Kong Index     -25.61
  EWI  EXTRADED MSCI Italy Index Fund    -30.70
  BBH  EXTRADED Biotechnology(HLDRS)     -33.36

Data provided by Fastrack

Disclaimer: This material is for your private information. We are not soliciting any action based upon it. Opinions expressed are present opinions only. The material is based upon information considered reliable, but we do not represent that is accurate or complete, and it should not be relied upon as such. We, or persons involved in the preparation or issuance of this material may, from time to time, have long or short positions in, and buy or sell the securities or options of companies mentioned herein.
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